Bioland Reinforced Concrete is the standard Biological Wastewater Treatment Unit for the treatment of domestic or organic based industrial wastewater equivalent to 50 to 10,000 populations. It can be designed as underground or semi-buried above ground.

It has a long life because it has reinforced concrete structure. The project and construction details of the Bioland reinforced concrete plant are provided by our company. Following the completion of the construction works by the customer, the installation, commissioning and training of the facility operator is carried out by the Bioland teams and the facility is delivered in a state of promising quality.

Domestic wastewater is biologically treated. Aerobic microorganisms in the system are converted to organic pollution water and carbon dioxide by using oxygen. Excess sludge formed in the process can be discharged periodically several times a year with sewage truck.

The system operates automatically according to the incoming water flow.
Quiet operation does not take up much space.
Long life.
It provides 100% energy saving with its high-tech control system.
Very easy to operate.
The treatment units are guaranteed for 2 years against production defects.
We provide 1 year free service to treatment units within the scope of warranty.
We guarantee the quality of leaving water.
Superior quality equipment is used.
BİOLAND BP has a different design and appearance.

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